Classes & workshops

Classes can be scheduled for either one or two weeks in duration, and workshops take place over one or two days. Both combine lectures and discussions, but the focus is on hands-on studio practice. Both classes and workshops provide in-depth exposure to traditional art materials, their history, chemistry, geographic origins, and other characteristics. The courses and workshops are tailored to all levels of experience in making art.

Painting Manuscript Illuminations

Using traditional materials, create an illumination. Learn how to prepare parchment and paper for illumination and script, gesso for gilding, paint and ink from pigments and traditional binding agents, and apply gold or other metal...

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Fresco Buono

You will learn how to create a scaled drawing from which your fresco cartoon will be traced, and transfer the cartoon to the fresco using the traditional pouncing technique.  Through lectures and discussion we will...

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Egg Tempera Panel Painting

Following Cennino Cennini’s directions from the 15th century, you will make a painting on a wood panel using traditional pigments prepared in egg tempera medium with metal leaf ornamentation. Through lectures and discussion we will...

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