Egg Tempera Panel Painting

Following Cennino Cennini’s directions from the 15th century, you will make a painting on a wood panel using traditional pigments prepared in egg tempera medium with metal leaf ornamentation.

Through lectures and discussion we will explore the history and chemistry of traditional materials and methods of tempera paintings, such as glue-based gesso, pigments, gilding bol, metal leaf, and gilding punches. The subject matter of your painting can be a copy or an original composition, and methods for transferring your under-drawing will be demonstrated.  You will sand and seal your wood panel support, and apply and sand multiple layers of gesso. Using a traditional muller, you will grind your pigments and prepare the egg tempera emulsion.  The unique technique of layering tempera paint in tiny brush strokes will be practiced.

Materials, supplementary readings, and sources for materials will be provided.

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