Conservation treatment begins with close examination of the object, accompanied by respectful dialogue with the owner or caretaker to ascertain the problems to be addressed and the unique history of the object. Examination and research into the object will result in a thorough and diagnostic assessment of its condition. Based on this assessment, conservation treatment options are proposed that are designed to provide a reasonable resolution addressing damage, agents of degradation, wear and tear, and the specific needs of your object.

Following the examination of your object and any relevant testing agreed on by the owner or caretaker, you will receive a detailed Condition Report outlining the assessment of the condition of the object, the conditions to be addressed in the conservation treatment, and the proposed methods and materials for treatment. Photographs documenting the condition before treatment will accompany the Condition Report. Upon the successful completion of the conservation treatment, you will receive a Treatment Report that records all steps of the treatment, all materials used (and their vendor information when available), accompanied by photographs documenting the object during and after treatment. The Condition and Treatment Reports become your property to retain with the object’s permanent dossier.