For artists, art historians, and students and lovers of art, the best way to fully appreciate the genius of an artist is to personally explore the materials and methods used to make art.  Classes (1 – 2 weeks in duration) and workshops (1 – 2 days) combine lectures and discussions with hands-on studio practice.  Both components afford in-depth exposure to traditional art materials, their history, chemistry, geographic origins, and other characteristics.  The classes and workshops are tailored to all levels of experience in making art.  Currently, courses and workshops are offered in: Painting Manuscript Illuminations; Fresco Buono; and Egg Tempera Panel Painting.

Preserving the integrity of an individual artwork or a collection that is your personal property enhances your enjoyment of your art and its security for you and your beneficiaries.  You will receive guidance on how to care for your collection including recommendations for conservators, art handlers, appraisers, and other fine arts specialists