A well-managed environment is among the most important factors to safeguard the preservation of your object.  Climate management can be both affordable and low tech and still be extremely effective in extending the preservation of you object or collection.  Equally, HVAC systems when well engineered can support excellent climate control in exhibition and storage spaces.  Whether your needs are low tech or highly sophisticated, you will receive consultation on best practices for monitoring your object’s environment.  Where there is a need to modify or improve the environment, you will be guided in methods and equipment to address the specific needs of your object and your exhibition or storage space.

Specific materials employed in exhibition cases and storage furniture for fine arts objects have a critical impact on preservation.  Moreover, the use of stable and inert exhibition materials can be a criterion that lenders require you to guarantee for their objects on loan.  When selecting case construction materials, display fabrics, case gaskets, mounts, etc. you will be advised on materials that have been tested by conservation scientists and meet museum standards and best practices.

A collaborative approach is the ideal way to minimize the risk posed by art in transit.  This risk can be managed best when the materials and methods are the result of extensive practice and experience.  Your art handling staff and preparators will receive consultation on best practices, while taking into account their own expertise and experience.